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Nurse Hotline

We have a team nurses, ready to answer your medical outside our regular business hours. Just call our regular office line and press “3”.

Dedicated Flu Clinics

During the early flu season, we offer a variety of flu shot clinics to fit your schedule.

Rapid in-House Laboratory Screening Tests

We offer rapid testing for strep throat, flu, CBC, HIV, lead, urinary symptoms (UTI’s) and diabetes.

Cryotherapy for
Wart Removal

Most warts can be treated with cryotherapy in our office. Ask your doctor if cryotherapy is appropriate for your child’s wart.

Stiches / Laceration

The goals of stiches/laceration repair is to achieve hemostasis and optimal cosmetic results without increasing the risk of infection.

Newborn Circumcisions

We perform circumcisions for your newborn baby boy.